Sunday, 20 February 2011

What Gandhiji Missed..

We have all heard about the Gandhiji’s 3 monkey’s principle. The explanations of the three monkeys are speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil. This is a very famous principle today. Some say it originated from Japan and some say it originated from china. Wherever it might have originated from in India it is commonly known as “Gandhiji’s three monkey’s principle”. With all due respect to Gandhiji I must confess that He missed the root of the problem. The three monkeys tell us to stop our actions which are just the result of something that is happening in us. Most people try to change their actions without changing the sources of action. The source is your thought. So we will change the principle. Let us have one monkey (I am not sure why they use monkeys??) with its hand on its head symbolizing Think No Evil. It is wise to control our thoughts which are the source rather than controlling the actions which are just the results of your thoughts. Controlling the actions without controlling your thoughts won’t work.


  1. Well said!I like it.Mind is always compared to monkey which would jump everyother minute(Monkey mind). Now your explanation and picture depiction is also are asking monkey which is the personification of mind to stop thinking independantly and act in tandem with gift of humans the intellect!

  2. Thanks...i believe that the battle to do good and evil is won in the mind..