Thursday, 3 February 2011

What I learnt from the Devil?

Before you start to throw stones at me for the Title, allow me explain what I mean. When you learn something from a Character from the bible, you tell that so and so character teaches us to obey God or be humble or whatever. But originally it’s only God teaching us through that character. That’s what I meant in the title. What God taught me through the character of Lucifer from the Bible. Thanks for putting the stones down.
He said in his heart (Is 14: 13): The devil didn’t actually go before God and say that he would take his throne. He actually said it in his heart. In other words he just thought. That thought led to his downfall. Many times we don’t verbalize our secret wrong desires. We may be good at hiding it. But God sees our heart and what we say in our heart matters to Him. The Devil was formed because of what he said in his heart.  What do you say in your heart? Changing your actions is not real change. You have to change your thoughts. Many times, you may be angry or jealous on others but you may be an expert in hiding those things in your heart. But even when it is in your heart God knows it. What is in your heart?

He wanted to go above (Is 14:13): The devils desire was to go above. In other words he wanted to become like God. You can see a lot of this in the world now. People want to go higher in their life. They want be God and they want others to worship them. They want to become some one great in life. And so they start to push others down. They care less about others. They want to go above where God has kept them. In exodus as the people started to cry God said, I will go down. Jesus left all his privileges and came down. One wants to go up and above all others but the other wants to go down to serve all.
He said “I will”(Is 14: 13, 14): In this passage if you see he says I will 5 times. He was full of his will. Going by our will is the devils way. It only leads to failure. Not my will but Your will was Jesus’s way.
These are the 3 main lessons that we have learnt from our greatest enemy. Let us use it against him.
What are the other things you have learnt from his character?


  1. Excellent Thought.... I have never bothered to think this way....

    God Bless you Bro :)

  2. Thanks! It really helped me too.

  3. Really nice...!! :)
    One other thing that i learned from him is "To never GIVE UP", no matter how Great your competition is.. :D

  4. Thanks Debbie..You are spot on. Although he knows his end, he still keeps fighting. Good Reminder!