It's for that Very Reason!

Today i was watching Narnia - Prince Caspian movie and there was this beautiful conversation. It seemed like my conversation with God.

Take a look at it.

[Caspian, Peter, Edmund, and Susan all kneel in front of Aslan]

Aslan: Rise, Kings and Queens of Narnia.
[Peter, Edmund, and Susan stand up, but Caspian stays, head bowed, on one knee]

Aslan: All of you.

Prince Caspian: I do not think I am ready.
Aslan: It's for that very reason, I know you are. 

 I like Prince Caspian many times cry out to God and say Lord i am not ready. And every time God says since you feel you are not ready, you are ready for i can use you now. Our worthlessness moves us to depend on God's grace and power more.

Feeling unworthy? Feeling not ready to do God's work?

It's for that very reason, I know you are.


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