Sunday, 17 January 2016

Son Bathing!

A month ago, my boys were diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. The doctor prescribed that we should expose them to the sun. So they spend some considerable amount of time in the sun these days. They sun bath daily. And because of that their skin is tanned. People could recognize that they have been exposed to sun lately.

In his book "The relentless tenderness of Jesus", Brennan manning explains that when you are exposed to sun so much people notice the difference because of the tan. He says, what is required among Christians is "Son Bathing," that we would be more exposed to Jesus, the Son of God.

As we expose ourselves more to the Son, Jesus, his radiant light starts to fill us and people start to recognize the difference.

Expose yourself to this great Light of the world, Son of God, Jesus. Spend more time basking in the Son. Son bath daily and frequently. Let your life be changed because pf it. Let others see it. Let others want it.

Did you Son Bath today?

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