Monday, 4 January 2016

Meeting the Elder Brother!

Jesus was a master storyteller. He said a lot of stories and it is said he did not speak to the crowd without any parable.

The famous story among the stories of Jesus is the Story of the prodigal son as it is commonly known.The question that I have been wondering about this story is this.

"What would have happened if the returning prodigal son met the elder brother before meeting his Father?"

Lets just speculate for a moment.

The story would have been different. The elder brother would have chased his brother before meeting their father. Or the elder brother would have said that the father is very angry and his father was not looking down the road expecting him. Or he might have told his younger brother that he would try to convince his father to accept him and then get back to him based on the father's response. Or he might have told that the father would never run towards him and he would never party again and dance again with him.

In short, he would have given the wrong signals and images about his father scaring the prodigal son away.

I have been the elder brother turning away prodigals from Jesus by giving the wrong picture about him many times.

There are many elder brothers today who block the returning prodigals from reaching the Father.

Cut through the elder brothers and meet the Father..

...and if you are the elder brother stop blocking people from the Father...

Thank God that the prodigal didn't meet the elder brother first! Lord save us from the elder brothers.

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