Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Judge Not

Do not judge  - Matthew 7:1

Some of the teachings of Jesus are so direct. One such command is "Do not Judge". But it is one of the difficult command to follow. Most of our complaints about others are because we Judge them. We Judge others in our mind all the time. Judging shows our pride and God can never ever teach a proud person.

There is a story that i recently read.

A certain preacher had a method of dealing with those people who were critical of others. He kept a complaint book in his desk. When a church member would come to tell him of another's faults he would say, "Well, here is my complaint book. I'll write down what you say, and you can sign your name to it. Then I'll go and take it up with our brother."

Invariably the critic would stammer, backtrack, and insist that nothing be written or signed. In his 40-year ministry that preacher opened his complaint book hundreds of times—but never made a single entry.

How about it? Are you willing to write out and sign the ugly things you have said about others? If not, perhaps it would be best to leave judgment where it belongs—with God.

Try not judging anyone one whole day and see what happens. Examine yourself before examining others!

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