On Being a Father!

Today is the 6th birthday of my loving Boyz Nathan and Neil! These 6 years has been incredible. And yes, I've learned a lot of unexpected things over these six years.

I always understood that my experience as a son might inform my view of God. But I never guessed that being a father would help me see things a little bit better from His perspective.

It's an imperfect analogy, of course. I am not God — far from it! But it helps. 

I love them irrespective of their behavior.  

I am not waiting for them to err and then hit them. In fact i love them the most when they are weak and when they fall. 

They sleep well because they don't worry about anything. They know they have a father who takes care of them. ( Though i am not even 1 percent like the Real Heavenly Father)

I teach them step by step and not all at once. 

They are always curious and hence the learn all the time.

They laugh all the time even at the smallest things of life. They don't take themselves seriously. They laugh at themselves. 

When my boys hurt each other, or take things from each other, whether they realize it or not, they are hurting me, since I love them both.

I don't want them to study me but to love me. 

I should refocus on the Fatherhood of God. Jesus believed in a perfect father and so should I. 


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