Friday, 8 January 2016

The Madmen Whom Jesus Did not Heal!

The first part of Mark 5th chapter talks about a man who lived in graveyard and who could not controlled by anyone. (I would encourage you to read the first 20 verses of Mark 5). He was a madmen, a demon possessed man. He could not control himself from cutting himself. What a tragic condition. But when he encountered Jesus, he comes back to his senses. He becomes a normal person. He is delivered by Jesus.

What struck me today in this portion is as the demons left him and entered the pigs, the way that people of the village reacted was shocking. They did not rejoice with Jesus about this great miracle. Instead they wanted Jesus to leave them. They were more worried about the pigs than the man who was healed. They valued pigs more that they could not accommodate Jesus the son of God.

They had to choose between pigs or Jesus and they chose pigs. How tragic was their condition. Who would chose pigs instead of Jesus? Only a madman would! They were the madmen who Jesus did not heal.

And Jesus respected their choice and left that place.

We like those men choose pigs, the resources of this world rather than Jesus. We like them place low value for Jesus. We like them are the madmen. We need healing from our confused value system.

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